Mineral Water, with all the minerals and carbon dioxide gas it contains, emerges to the earth by finding its way through the underground cracks and it is completely "natural". Carbon dioxide gas can be added during production when necessary.

Soda is a completely "artificial" beverage obtained by adding carbon dioxide gas and, when necessary, sodium bicarbonate to water and beverages made from this water with very low mineral value.

What is actually meant by "acidic" beverages among the people is the "carbon dioxide" gas in the beverage. When carbon dioxide gas comes into contact with our tongue, it temporarily numbs the taste sensors, making it easier to drink.

The rich minerals contained in natural waters help the functions of vitamins in our body. Children, women and the elderly especially need to drink more mineral water because of the rich minerals like calcium and fluoride it contains.

Experts recommend consuming at least 2 liters of water and "useful fluid" such as mineral water a day.

Mineral water has no known harm, but on the contrary, it has numerous benefits for our body. Growing children need minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and fluoride more than adults. The best way to meet this need is to consume plenty of milk and natural water. The calcium contained in mineral water is extremely beneficial for the development of bone structure and fluoride for the development of oral and dental health.

Pregnancy is a period that requires special attention to nutrition. The human body needs more food, liquid, minerals and vitamins than normal to feed and develop the baby. In order to provide this contribution naturally, it is recommended to consume mineral water regularly during pregnancy.

The rich minerals contained in mineral water are beneficial for the skin as well as many parts of our body. In fact, mineral waters that are filled in spray bottles and used by spraying the face are sold on the market.

The main reason for the formation of kidney stones is insufficient fluid consumption. In other words, in people who do not consume sufficient and regular amounts of water and mineral water throughout their lives, kidney stone formation occurs rapidly. It is not recommended for people who have reached this situation and have stones in their kidneys to consume mineral water, but the main thing is to protect our body from such factors by consuming regular and sufficient amounts of water and mineral water.

If the mineral water cover is not opened, it will not deteriorate. The only reason for putting an expiry date on the products is that after a certain period of time after filling, only carbon dioxide gas escapes and decreases from the cap and package.

Magnesium, one of the minerals rich in mineral water, is the most abundant cation in the cell after potassium. The cell membrane is effective in many biological events within the cell and cell nucleus, and enables the transmission of electrical impulses in muscles and nerves. It has a lot to do with cardiovascular diseases. Low magnesium levels have been found in people with infarction. Fat and calcium deposits in the veins that cause arteriosclerosis are also caused by magnesium deficiency.

Sodium is the most abundant element in body fluids and provides regulation of fluid distribution and fluid balance. In addition, acid-base balance and the transport of nerve impulses are among its most important tasks.

Calcium is the most abundant element in our body. In addition to the bone structure, it helps regulate muscle contractions, transport nerve impulses, ion exchange in cell membranes, and release hormones, digestive enzymes and neurotransmitters. It prevents age-related bone loss and fractures. Calcium is found only in milk and natural waters. Since it does not contain calories and cholesterol, mineral water is the best alternative to milk in terms of calcium.

Bicarbonates, magnesium, citrates, sodium, fluorine and calcium are very effective in the course of urological diseases and especially after surgery with their natural balances in mineral water.

Bicarbonate waters neutralize gastric acidity thanks to their alkaline structure and play an important role in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease due to this feature. It also has symptom-reducing effects in functional stomach and intestinal diseases.

Water containing calcium and magnesium are effective in preventing complaints such as diarrhea due to stress by reducing intestinal molarity. Sulphated waters increase bile secretion and flow.

Calcium-rich natural mineral waters are an important option in providing adequate calcium support in the prevention and treatment of bone resorption in men and women during menopause.